About us:

Morning Sun is a specialist for dance floor- suitable music of different genres. The owner of the record label -Johnny Golden- launched the label in 2012 to give his numerous projects a platform where he could play out and release freely and independently his ideas and his vision about good sound. The question we are facing is: what comes after the trend? We are a test laboratory for musical experiments and new developments to reinvent and perfect dance music. 

We want to fuse different music styles without blinking in surprise with the given possibilities. We want to create the sound we didn’t know before and about which we can say: That’s the future, dude! The quality of the production is our first priority to make a difference in the monotonous uniformity and the fast food music in the current dance scene. We want to create music that deepens into your soul with a great love for detail and a long lasting aftertaste; to make it short: real hits.